Cryptocurrency designed for everyday life.

What is Glance Coin

The rewards token designed with you in mind

Glance Coin will be the cryptocurrency for consumers, enabling a better way to pay and delivering a loyalty network without limits. Glance Coin builds on Glance’s vision of a future where payments are seamless and always secure, where loyalty rewards give you an actual reward, and where merchants turn customers into regulars, not just repeats.

For Merchants

Glance Coin will give merchants next-level control in creating and customizing the special offers that work for them

For Customers

Glance Coin is the cryptocurrency for consumers, delivering valuable rewards and a better way to pay.

For the Future

Give your business a faster, easier way to get paid. Give your customers a reward they won’t forget about.

User Journey

How it Works

Rewards will be accrued by using Glance Pay at partnered merchants, which are then usable with any Glance Merchant

Smart contract blockchain technology allows merchants to incentivise desired consumer behaviours while allowing users to choose when and where to spend

Questions about Glance Coin?

Please contact Investor Relations at [email protected]