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Glance Pay

The Glance Pay mobile payments app boasts state-of-the-art capabilities and has been engineered with security and ease-of-use in mind. Its accounting features are designed for easy recordkeeping for both restaurants and users.

  • Fast, convenient and secure payments — all on your mobile phone
  • Track your expenses and payment history in real time.
  • Enjoy exclusive promotions, events and deals
  • Earn, collect and cash-in rewards from the businesses you love
  • Discover your city with geo-targeted merchant & event listings
  • All-in-one mobile payments solutions to fit any kind of restaurant

Glance PayMe

Glance PayMe is the mobile point-of-sale and loyalty solution designed to fit any business  big, small or solo. The free, downloadable app delivers next-business-day deposits with Glance’s signature security advantage and no need for extra hardware. Get started now with Glance PayMe’s fast, easy setup.


This program puts control back in the hands of local business owners. You’ll be empowered with tools, materials, customization and insights previously only available to big corporations – all with the goal of increasing business, customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • No extra hardware required. All you need is the Glance PayMe app
  • Built-in anti-fraud protection with every transaction
  • Mobile POS with multiple payment methods for customers
  • Full PCI compliance included
  • Digitally track and organize invoices and payments
  • Incentivize customers with custom loyalty rewards
  • No wallets, no hassle. Customers can now use Bitcoin to pay you
  • Glance’s Customer Support Team is always available to help
  • Customized Digital Offers & Coupons
  • Promotions & Event Listings
  • Customer Data Insights for Business Growth

Glance Coin

Glance Coin is intended to help you integrate cryptocurrency into your everyday life and to give instant access to a network of preferred merchants who not only accept the coin, but offer member-only rewards that help you build your crypto account with every dollar you spend.

  • Crypto-based Loyalty Rewards
  • Real-World Application: Glance PayMe & Glance Pay platforms
  • Ethereum Blockchain Security
  • Community Payments & Rewards
By clicking "Join", you agree to receive newsletters and other publications from Glance Technologies. None of this information will be sold or distributed to any third parties. You may withdraw consent at any time.

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