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Glance‘s focus is to streamline mobile payment services. Our flagship product, Glance Pay, revolutionizes how smartphone users settle their bills and keep track of expenses.

This in addition to Glance Merchant to allow business to accept mobile payments instantly and provide superior analytics.

Both apps will soon utilize Glance Coin our reward token, that will simplify and enable the adoption of cryptocurrency into everyday life.


Payments you trust.

Convenience you need.

Rewards you love.


A Secure, Simple and Intelligent Way to Pay
Glance Pay Mobile Payment App boasts state of the art capabilities and has been engineered with security and ease of usage in mind. Its accounting features are designed for easy record keeping for both restaurants and users:

  • Fast and safe payment using just your mobile phone
  • Easily track your expenses and payment history
  • Earn rewards, exclusive deals and promotions
  • Geo-Targeted Merchants to discover hundreds of Glance Pay locations across Canada
  • Local Event & Promotion Listings
  • All-In- One Mobile Solution

This program puts control back in the hands of local business owners – supporting you to get ahead of your customer needs and wants. You’ll be empowered with tools, materials, customization and insights previously only available to big corporations – all with the goal of increasing business, customer satisfaction and loyalty:


  • Glance Merchant App & Support
  • Member: Global Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Proven Anti-Fraud Security
  • Customized Digitial Offers & Coupons
  • Promotions & Event Listings
  • Customer Data Insights for Business Growth
  • Customer Reviews & Feedback
  • Back-End Exports and Support
  • Marketing Materials

Glance Coin is intended to help you integrate cryptocurrency into your everyday life and to give instant access to a network of preferred merchants who not only accept the coin, but offer member-only rewards that help you build your crypto account with every dollar you spend:


  • Crypto Based Loyalty Rewards
  • Real-World Application: Glance Merchants & Pay Programs
  • Ethereum Blockchain Security
  • Community Payments & Rewards
  • The Glance 100 – VIP Club

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Join the Glance club and get connected to a more simplified way of accepting and spending money – earning global crypto rewards as you go.

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